Why Outsource Your CAD Drafting

To keep up with demand and control workflow, outsourcing work is the ideal solution for large and small businesses.

For larger businesses, we have experience, knowledge and understanding of the importance of organisation and revision control for larger schemes.

Smaller businesses do not always have the resources or the need for ‘in-house’ staff and we are happy to assist. No job is too small.
It can reduce overheads and help gain jobs over your competitors.

Our in house team of experienced Cad Technicians provide a professional service, to include:

  • Working to Client specifications.
  • Good communication with our clients being paramount for the smooth running and success of the project.
  • Using British Standard drawing practices and techniques.
  • Flexibility, adjusting the workload & prioritising as necessary.
  • Organising & dealing with deadlines efficiently.
  • A secure backup system, using an online server, external hard drive & CD/DVDs.
  • Regular training sessions.
  • Maintained confidentiality at all times.